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Dani Foods proudly identifies itself as a trend setter, creating a society for organic cultivation binding ourselves with groups of farmers, suppliers and traders with a robust supply chain. We are very passionate about the wonderful tastes, gorgeous aromas and glorious colours of organic foods. 

At Dani Foods, we are passionate about sourcing our organic food direct from producers for freshness. We are committed to the welfare of nature and shall always strive to maintain the heritage of natural resources, carving a bright and healthy future for our next generation. Our trading policies, motto, and vision are part of combined efforts and objectives of all the individuals involved in this Nobel cause. Our BRC certified facility in Mahuva, India has a capacity of processing 2000 MT for Organic spices and Herbs. 


Currently, Dani foods group is working worldwide by its presence in United Kingdom, USA, Africa, India, Indonesia, Madagascar, Vietnam, Guatemala, China, And Australia.


Every day millions of people around the globe consume food and drink or use products that contain raw ingredients grown by our network of farmers.

growing for a better

We are committed to working towards a better tomorrow where environmental protection and efficiency are universal.  The company places a great emphasis on transparency and sustainability and is committed to innovative projects and working with farmers who promote sustainable farming practices - environmentally, economically and socially.  We are committed to direct sustainable sourcing and have built a strong, integrated supply-chain.  Having forged close ties and relationships with our farmers we are able to offer the most competitive pricing to our customers.  

We passionately believe in giving back to the communities within which we work. The company has a social responsibility program and has a dedicated charity that is focused on supporting education and improving the living conditions for its farmers in rural communities.

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integrity & quality

Our focus on excellence doesn’t stop there. We examine the products once again, for sensory approval first, and thereafter at a certified laboratory, whereby we authorise product integrity and quality. Finally, our logistics teams ensure high quality packaging of the products with timely deliveries to their respective destinations.

Our strict quality control measures ensure 100% organic, GMO-Free product reaches our customers and their consumers. 

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