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from farm to fork

At Dani Foods, healthy eating and sustainable living are not just a choice we make, it is a passion. A passion that goes from farm to fork. 

This is why our journey starts at the very grassroots. We work with farmers to educate and certify them, we are deeply aware of the quality of the products we source and where they originate. We take great pride in our integrated supply chain, sourcing only the highest quality Organic Spices and Herbs with strict quality measures in place to maintain their standards. 

Our sourcing is carried out in accordance with the prevalent ethical practices. Our farmers are guaranteed an annual minimum purchase. The products are carefully selected by our field agents who are experts in sourcing. Once we have their approval, each batch is carefully examined and tested in the laboratory before we proceed with the purchase.

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processing at mahuva

Our integrated system of Cultivation, Processing, Supply Chain System and Logistics are credited for preserving organic nature of the products.

Processing is the core of our operation. Our BRC Certified facility in Mahuva, Gujarat is totally dedicated to processing Organic and Natural products. The facility is certified by some of the leading international certification companies for various parameters. 

Various production lines like hand sorting , grinding, dehydration and blending are handled by trained supervisors and quality inspectors, who maintain the integrity of the various ingredients processed in-house.

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